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Considerations for those who employ difficult executives

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Executive Employment

Many employers must deal with the occasional difficult worker. However, some work environments contain more challenging employees than others.

For example, corporate career opportunities often attract hard-to-manage employees who are aggressive, stubborn or combative. Corporate employers bound by legal contracts must handle their difficult employees carefully. Here are some things to consider.

What benefits do they provide?

Just because your executive is challenging at work, that doesn’t mean they offer no value. On the contrary, problem employees are often the most creative, progressive and hard-working staff members.

If the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, strive to address the matter directly with the employee. There is a chance they may be unaware of the problem and willing to make a change.

How do other employees feel?

Although you may find it hard to deal with the employee, don’t assume that others have had the same experience. If no one has complained about them, perhaps your two personalities simply do not mesh.

Your employees should feel free to report any issues they may have in the workplace, including trouble with co-workers. In that environment, they may be more likely to step forward if the executive is causing problems or interfering with their work.

Can you fire them?

The legal options you may have for dealing with a problem executive will probably depend on the terms of your employment agreement. If the contract contains a strict termination for cause provision, you can likely only fire them for specified reasons.

Depending on the language of the clause, you could face legal and financial consequences for firing them because of their challenging demeanor. Legal support may help minimize your risks any time you must deal with an employment matter.