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Photo of attorneys E. Kelly Conway, Michael E. Gehring and Stephen G. Harvey

Attorneys Who Can Take On Sophisticated Cases

When you face legal issues that require complex litigation, you need to know that the lawyers you choose are up to the task. The strategy for your success may rely not just on legal acumen, but also on the ability to understand and apply ideas from science, technology, history, economics, psychology and economics in the context of the law and legal disputes

The attorneys at Steve Harvey Law possess an extraordinary track record of working on highly complex, cutting edge matters. The most notable such matter is Steve Harvey’s work in 2005 on Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, in which a federal judge held a 40-day trial and then struck down the defendant school district’s plan to teach “intelligent design” as an alternative to the scientific theory of evolution as a violation of the First Amendment. The national and international attention that the Kitzmiller case received was possibly exceeded by Steve Harvey’s work in 2013 on behalf of two children who were waiting for new lungs needed to live. He challenged the federal organ system with a suit against the Secretary of Health and Human Services and won a TRO that led to a change to the system and both children lived! These are just two highly publicized cases among the many diverse complicated matters that Steve Harvey and Mike Gehring have worked on throughout their careers. More recently, they have worked together to achieve victories for clients in trial and appellate courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey both federal and state court in matters involving novel scientific issues, government regulation, free speech, and complex commercial matters.

At Steve Harvey Law LLC, we have decades of experience in guiding clients to the best possible outcome in the most complex litigation cases. We are not afraid of any case, and we are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ needs.

Experience You Can Trust

In the decades we have been representing our clients, we have encountered all types of litigation matters. This experience has given us significant insight into difficult matters like:

  • Science and technology cases
  • Claims against accountants, actuaries and attorneys
  • Complex contract and financial fraud
  • Environmental claims involving pipeline construction, ground water contamination, and climate change
  • Government litigation including federal and state administrative law matters as well as federal civil rights claims and federal and state constitutional law
  • Working with expert witnesses in a wide range of fields such as statistics, marketing, accounting, economics, and psychology.
  • All aspects of preparing for and presenting complex material at trial
  • Class actions
  • E-discovery
  • Injunctions, TROs, and equity practice
  • Appeals to the federal courts of appeals and the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, and Supreme Court.

Where appropriate, we are prepared to help our clients seek resolution through arbitration and mediation. We represent clients of all types, from individual employees and owners to small to mid-size and even sometimes large corporations and businesses involved in pharmaceuticals, banking, real estate, manufacturing and everything in between.

We Can Help You Move Forward

The secret to success in legal disputes is a strong attorney-client relationship. If you are facing a legal dispute or you think you will be soon, now is the best time to contact us so that we can review your legal matter and see if we are the right lawyers for you. Contact our Philadelphia office by calling 215-907-7313 or complete our online contact form.