Business Disputes: It’s What We Do
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Photo of attorneys E. Kelly Conway, Michael E. Gehring and Stephen G. Harvey

Attorneys Ready To Take On Complex Legal Disputes

After 20 years of public service and private litigation on complex commercial cases, our founding attorney, Steve Harvey, established Steve Harvey Law LLC in 2013 in order to bring high-quality business and commercial litigation services to clients throughout Philadelphia and southeast Pennsylvania. He later brought on Michael Gehring, an accomplished attorney and trusted colleague he has known since law school. Our dedicated attorneys and staff work together to create a powerful team of advocates for our clients. Learn more about our lawyers by following the links below:

Getting To Know Our Clients

Our clients range from small business owners to Fortune 1,000 corporations and come from nearly every industry. Given our diverse range of clients, we strive to tailor our representation to the specific needs of each client. We take the time to get to know each client so we can better help them achieve their goals for their legal matter. We take a full range of business dispute and complex litigation cases, but our most common cases include:

These are only a few examples of the work we do. If you are not sure whether we handle the type of matter you need assistance with, simply call our office, and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Helping Businesses Succeed In The Midst Of Conflict

We understand that no business wants to spend its time and money on litigation. Complex litigation and commercial disputes can become quite costly over time. Unfortunately, when the stakes are high, you often have no choice but to engage in litigation. That is why we believe in cost-effective but high-quality legal services and strategic solutions for our clients. We want to see your business succeed.

The Right Lawyers for the Right Clients

The secret to success in legal disputes is a strong attorney client relationship. If you are facing a legal dispute or you think you will be soon, now is the best time to contact us so that we can review your legal matter and see if we are the right lawyers for you. Contact our Philadelphia office by calling 215-907-7313 or complete our online contact form.