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Photo of attorneys E. Kelly Conway, Michael E. Gehring and Stephen G. Harvey

Navigate Corporate And Partnership Litigation With Experienced Attorneys

While many of the legal challenges that your company will face will come from competitive forces such as lenders, suppliers and other businesses, some challenges will come from actual or potential legal disputes between owners, shareholders, members, and partners. When the various interests within your company are not aligned and disputes emerge, they can quickly escalate into legal action, as disaffected parties seek judicial enforcement of their positions. Whether set up as a corporation, partnership, limited liability corporation or other entity, your company and your ownership rights need to be protected.

At the Philadelphia office of Steve Harvey Law LLC, our team of experienced commercial attorneys has spent decades representing clients facing these kinds of sensitive internal disputes. Our lawyers understand that these matters are important to resolve swiftly and efficiently so that your company can continue to grow and you can focus on moving forward in a united capacity.

Internal Disputes Can Severely Harm Your Company Without Proper Representation

Throughout our years of representing clients, we have seen many companies face significant hardships due to internal business disputes. This can harm the company and it can lead to unfair results for owners. This can happen because of a lack proper representation to help resolve issues. We understand the importance of engaging with these issues proactively and in a sophisticated manner. Our attorneys help our clients understand their rights and their options. We speak in clear and concise language and clearly communicate the legal strategy we recommend to meet our clients’ goals. Our team represents clients in cases involving a broad array of internal disputes, such as:

  • Disputes between owners, shareholders, members, and partners
  • Claims of breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Bookkeeping and recordkeeping requests
  • Corporate executive and officer claims
  • Indemnification and advancement of fees and other expenses
  • Minority oppression and squeeze-out claims
  • Nonprofit and not-for-profit litigation
  • Shareholder rights lawsuits

Our years of experience have given us a well-rounded understanding of these issues that allows us to address them expediently and efficiently. By resolving these issues for our clients, our team can help the company and its owners move forward and focus on the core elements of their businesses without distractions.

Come And See How Steve Harvey Law LLC Can Serve You

When you are facing an internal corporate dispute or partnership lawsuit, you need to take active steps to retain a legal team to help your company resolve these challenges swiftly and decisively. If you are looking for experienced, dedicated attorneys known for their litigation skills and integrity, then you should reach out to us at Steve Harvey Law LLC. You can reach our office by dialing 215-907-7313 or sending us a message online with some details of your situation.