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Is your employee thinking about jumping ship? 

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Restrictive Covenants

As a business owner, you are constantly tasked with overseeing multiple areas to ensure profitability. One of the key areas includes managing your employees. 

Most of the time, employees remain loyal if they are content at work and happy with their remuneration. Unfortunately, there are occasions when employees become disgruntled.In some cases, your employee may seek a way out to go and work for the competition. Or, they may use what they have learned at your company to form their own organization. 

How can you tell if an employee is thinking about jumping ship?

Their focus lies elsewhere 

In the beginning, the employee in question was very keen and always talked about future projects. Now, they don’t seem to think much further than day-to-day. Any decrease in productivity or reluctance to commit to the future could be an indication that the employee’s priorities lie elsewhere. 

They seem unusually curious about company financials

While a curious employee is usually a good thing, an overly curious employee can also be cause for concern. This is the case particularly if they are showing interest in areas outside the scope of their job role. 

For instance, the employee may ask you how much money it took you to get started. They might also enquire about who you went to to source a business loan. An increased interest in the financial side of your business could indicate an employee is either looking to give information to rivals or planning to set up their own shop as a competitor.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect your business from employees looking to jump ship. Non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements are just two legal instruments that you can utilize.  Seek legal guidance to explore your options in more detail.