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The benefits of spending money on an attorney upfront for your lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Firm News

Many people appreciate a good bargain when making everyday purchases, and rightfully so. While a grocery store brand of breakfast cereal may be comparable to a name brand, there are other situations where less expensive is not comparable and may even be far worse. While it may be tempting to shop around for a lawyer if you’re faced with a lawsuit, the benefits of spending money upfront are far preferable in the long run. Here’s why.

You gain from their experience

Seasoned attorneys have handled numerous cases, often over years or decades. When you hire an attorney who has an established track record, you are able to benefit from their expertise and success. Someone who has practiced law longer and is familiar with lawsuits and cases like yours often has a tried and true way of approaching and navigating your situation. Since these lawyers approach cases with their know-how, they might have ways of getting to the bottom of things much more quickly.

What that means for you is that the time it takes a more expensive attorney to work your case may be much less than that of a newer lawyer. That translates into fewer billable hours. Therefore, even though the hourly rate might be more than an affordable lawyer, a more experienced lawyer might actually cost you less overall.

You save time

Attorneys with less time spent handling lawsuits might require more meetings or correspondence with you to gather information. While it’s expected that you will need to communicate with your lawyer, there are times where more communication may not be for the better. Even if it’s just responding to an email or answering a phone call, improperly utilized time takes time away from your work and everyday life. Missing hours or days at work means that you are losing wages that are needed to pay for not only your attorney but also regular bills and expenses.

Since a lawyer who has worked more cases might utilize a more refined system of collecting information, they can focus on the most important aspects of your case and not require as much unnecessary correspondence from you.

You don’t have to worry about damage control

If you enlist the services of an attorney who costs less but isn’t as prepared due to unfamiliarity with the law or your situation, there is the potential for missteps. Getting more deeply entrenched with legal issues may not be easy to recover from. As a result, you then have to hire another lawyer to help get you out of a worse situation, costing you even more money. When you hire the right lawyer from the start, you don’t have to be concerned with costly damage control.