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Photo of attorneys E. Kelly Conway, Michael E. Gehring and Stephen G. Harvey

Law360’s Dan Packel Interviews Steve Harvey About Firm Opening

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Blog

Last week, Dan Packel interviewed me about my new firm. I like the whole article, but I am particularly fond of two parts of it.

First, he quotes me as saying “It’s a counterintuitive bet. A lot of people see economic dislocation and unemployed younger lawyers, along with a shrinking legal budget for general counsels. But this creates an opportunity for a small firm that provides high-quality, personalized services and attractive financial arrangements.”

I like this because it captures my value proposition.

Second, he says that “Harvey also routinely handles business disputes and banking issues, and while he expects these to be the bread and butter of his practice, he intends to keep up his civil rights work, and press for causes including homelessness, organ donation and climate change.”

I like this because it reflect how business and banking work will fit with my public service and advocacy objectives.