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Legal issues in the business world can fracture relationships, impede profits and ruin investments. At Steve Harvey Law LLC, we are committed to listening carefully and advocating aggressively on behalf of people and organizations that have to consider bringing or defending a lawsuit. Steve Harvey founded our firm in 2013 and later brought on Michael Gehring, an exceptional colleague whom he has known since law school. More recently, Steve recruited Kelly Conway, an outstanding and dynamic lawyer, to round out the team. When so much is on the line, our attorneys have the experience and determination to advocate for our clients in even the toughest cases. Whether suing or defending, our goal is to achieve justice for our clients. Most of our cases come from referrals, a testament to our ability to achieve positive results for complex cases.

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We’re tough litigators, but we also care. We know that a business dispute can put everything you’ve worked for in jeopardy. It can alter the course of your professional life. It can diminish your ability to reap the rewards for work you’ve already done. In short, we get it. We will listen closely to your story, and if you have a case, we’ll tell you. We can provide that hit of wisdom you need to help you decide how to proceed. The best money you will spend on your case is the money you spend upfront. Our goal is to work with you to get it right the first time.

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Sometimes we take cases that are not typical of our practice but ones that we find interesting and feel passionate about. Steve Harvey served as key legal counsel on a number of such cases. These cases have generated significant media coverage.

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