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    Student Loans

Burdened by crushing student loan debt?

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Student loan debt is a pressing national concern. An estimated 40 million Americans owe more than a trillion dollars — second only to mortgage debt — with nearly seven million borrowers currently in default.

The Lawyers at Steve Harvey Law Can Help

The lawyers at Steve Harvey Law advise clients on student loan matters, including federal and private student loans, rehabilitation, consolidation, cancellation, public interest debt forgiveness, default, delinquency, and repayment options. They can help you understand your options, deal directly with your lenders, defend you in legal proceedings, and assert claims on your behalf. Contact us to discuss how we can help. Initial consultation is free.

Know Your Rights

There is some important and basic information that borrowers should know when dealing with student loan debt such as the amount of each loan, the interest rate, origination date, and whether it is a federal or private loan. All of this information can be found online at

The distinction between federal and private student loans is important. The majority of student loan debt is federal. Federal loans are subject to a variety of regulations that may provide options for struggling borrowers. Private lenders may also offer options, but they are not subject to federal regulation.

The lawyers at Steve Harvey Law can help you understand your rights. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

The lawyers of Steve Harvey Law can help.
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The initial consultation is free.