Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline

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Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline in Pennsylvania


60 Days After First Missed Payment:

  • The lender sends you an Act 6 notice which states that it intends to bring a legal foreclosure action in thirty days.
  • For qualifying homeowners, the lender will send an Act 91 notice, notifying the homeowner of a loan program (HEMAP) sponsored by the Commonwealth to help bring the mortgage payments current. Participation in this program can delay the legal filing of the foreclosure.

90 Days After First Missed Payment:

  • The lender may file a complaint in the court of common pleas of the county in which the home is located if no loss mitigation is pending.


20 Days After the Complaint is filed:

  • If no answer is filed, the lender will send a 10-day notice notifying the homeowner that unless an answer is filed, it will take a default judgment in 10 days.

After Default Judgment:

  • A sheriff’s sale is scheduled. The sheriff’s sale could be as soon as 60 days from the date of default judgment, but the timing varies from county to county. Notice will be sent to each property owner at least 30 days before the date of sale.

After the Sheriff’s Sale:

  • The deed is recorded. If the property was not sold to a third party, the deed will convey title back to the bank. There is no right of redemption for mortgage foreclosures.
  • If the homeowner does not leave the property after sheriff’s sale, a separate legal action called an ejectment must be filed in order to force a homeowner out of the home.
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