• Intellectual Property

“The Congress shall have
Power to promote the
Progress of Science
and Useful Arts,
by securing for limited times
to Authors and Inventors
the exclusive right to
their respective
Writings and Discoveries”

U.S. Constitution, Article 1,
Section 8, Clause 8


The attorneys at Steve Harvey Law advise and represent clients in intellectual property (IP) infringement and trade secrets misappropriation matters. They have strong relationships with academics and other law firms that focus exclusively on various aspects of IP law. They draw upon those relationships to supplement their knowledge and experience as needed to provide their clients with the highest quality, most cost effective legal services.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, IP rights and lawyers to defend those rights have never been more important, valuable, or relevant. Many law firm clients currently seek counselling and representation in transactions and disputes about IP.

The following information is intended as a guide to some of the issues, not as legal advice. If you are concerned about an IP legal issue, you should consult a knowledgeable attorney, such as the attorneys at Steve Harvey Law.

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