• Intellectual Property


We have a responsibility to protect your ideas, manage your legal exposure, and litigate as if the building blocks of your success are at stake ― because they are.


In a competitive marketplace driven by the ability of people and businesses to develop new ideas, and to transform today’s ideas and technologies into the next breakthrough, the importance of intellectual property cannot be overstated.

At Steve Harvey Law, our intellectual property litigation attorneys approach each matter with the philosophy that careful analysis at the outset is the key driver of success. We often partner with non-litigation intellectual property specialists who help us analyze the technical and legal issues so that we can help clients negotiate enduring solutions. If your matter requires aggressive litigation and trial, we do that effectively too.

We handle a full range of intellectual property litigation disputes including:

    • Non-compete/trade secrets, protecting clients’ competitive advantage and defending against theft
    • Infringement, including claims under the federal patent, trademark, and copyright laws, as well as claims of trade secret infringement and misappropriation
    • Federal court litigation, including working as local counsel for firms outside of Philadelphia
    • Trademark, prosecuting and defending infringement actions
    • Copyright, prosecuting and defending unauthorized usage and infringement claims

Diverse Clients

We represent employees, employers, and businesses hailing from a wide range of industries including banking, IT, high tech, pharma, clinical research, manufacturing, insurance, health care, finance, real estate, and professional services. We also work as local counsel for firms outside Philadelphia that appreciate our responsiveness, experience, ability to handle complex matters, cost-effectiveness, and knowledge of the state and federal courts in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Because we take the time to understand our clients, we are able to tailor our billing arrangements to suit their unique circumstances. We have the flexibility to offer alternative billing arrangements, hourly arrangements, and to take cases involving substantial damages on a contingency fee basis.

With You Every Step

Whether you are an individual, startup business, Fortune 100 company, or a law firm partner looking for a high-quality litigator who can provide immediate representation, the intellectual property litigation attorneys at Steve Harvey Law are ready to tackle the legal issues that can make or break success with extraordinary skill, integrity, attention to detail, and cost-effectiveness.

Representative Engagements

    • Served as local counsel for an international law firm in bet-the-company patent infringement litigation, which we won. The case involved the rights to technology that promised to unlock treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. After intensive litigation and a multi-week trial, the jury concluded that the party claiming ownership of the patent was barred by misconduct that occurred 20 years earlier in a foreign country.
    • Represent a major player in the women’s clothing industry in trademark infringement litigation as local counsel for an international law firm. We are currently handling several cases for a leading designer and manufacturer of women’s clothing. Our job is to protect our client’s trademark from unscrupulous businesses that sell knockoffs of our client’s design through injunctive relief and damages in federal court cases.
    • Represented an industrial manufacturer that sued a former franchisee that went rogue and started using the company’s trademark. We secured a preliminary injunction and then a permanent injunction to stop the infringement.
    • Actively counsel and represent numerous businesses and people who come to us facing claims of copyright and trademark infringement or who require protection of their interests.
    • Actively counsel and represent numerous employers and employees who require protection or defense in matters arising from non-compete agreements and trade secrets.
    • We have litigated, tried, or settled over 100 cases involving injunctions and TROs over non-compete and trade secret issues in state and federal court.
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