“Problems often arise when valuable employees seek to leave and join a competitor or to start their own business. Prudent business people take careful steps to avoid litigation if possible and to win the case if necessary.”


The Steve Harvey Law firm has deep experience advising clients and litigating executive employment matters, such as non-compete contracts (also known as restrictive covenants or covenants not to compete), confidentiality agreements, trade secrets, and related issues, such as the duty of loyalty and tortious/intentional interference with contract. Steve Harvey is the author of Enforcing the Non-Compete and Confidentiality Duties of High Level Executives, Employment Law Update (Aspen Law & Business 1998) and has published and lectured extensively on executive employment matters. He has also litigated and tried many cases on these subjects in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. He has obtained and defeated injunctive relief in non-compete cases numerous times. He has also advised and negotiated settlements and other resolutions of executive employment issues many times over the past 15 years. The lawyers at Steve Harvey Law are extremely well suited to advise and represent clients in disputes about non-compete contracts and other executive employment matters.

Clients frequently ask, “Is this non-compete contract enforceable?” What duties does an employee owe her employer after the employment relationship ends? Before the relationship ends, how far can she go in planning to work for a competitor or to set up a competitor? What can an employer do under the law to protect its valuable relationships and confidential information?

Lawyers, courts, and business people have been addressing these intellectual property and employment law issues for literally hundreds of years. There is a two-word answer to all these questions: “It depends.”

And it truly does depend on a number of different factors. The employee or employer that wants to achieve the best results in negotiations, litigation, or trial should speak with attorneys, like the attorneys at Steve Harvey Law, who have specific experience with these issues.

There is no substitute for candid, attorney-client privileged consultation on these subjects, but below is a discussion of some of the issues that would need to be considered.

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