When we implement our plan to protect your life’s work, the world gets out of our way.


Business has two speeds: fast and faster. In that vortex, executive employment disputes can swiftly spiral into debilitating legal problems that crush lucrative opportunities for businesses and high-level professionals alike.

That’s why at the first sign of trouble, Steve Harvey Law immediately rolls up its sleeves and gets to work on a plan.

Our Executive Employment attorneys have deep experience representing both companies and senior-level professionals. We can efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly analyze your situation and develop strategies for prompt, air-tight resolution. But rest assured, if your matter cannot be expeditiously settled and requires aggressive litigation and trial, we do that effectively too. We have successfully litigated and tried numerous high-stakes cases in federal and state courts throughout Pennsylvania and other states. We also have written and lectured extensively on executive employment issues, providing respected thought-leadership to other attorneys.

Our founder, Steve Harvey, Esq., is a former large law firm partner ― with nearly three decades of experience in high-stakes litigation ― whose mission is to provide high-quality, reliable legal services, with the cost-effectiveness, nimbleness, and personalized attention of a small litigation boutique.

We handle a full range of executive employment disputes including:

non-compete contracts, also known as restrictive covenants or covenants not to compete;

confidentiality agreements, also known as nondisclosure agreements or NDAs;

trade secrets, including related issues such as injunctions, damages, and the inevitable disclosure doctrine;

employee fiduciary duty, including duty of loyalty and the preparatory steps doctrine;

tortious/intentional interference with a contract;

non-solicitation agreements;

unfair competition;

severance agreements;

contract review;

salary negotiations.

Competitive Edge

Our experience protecting a diverse array of clients ― including senior-level executives, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and family-owned businesses ― gives us a powerful competitive edge. We know how the other side thinks, and we use that knowledge to quickly craft multi-faceted, built-to-last solutions that terminate existing problems and neutralize potential problems before they occur. And we accomplish this with discretion, diplomacy, and sensitivity, so that your life’s work and stellar reputation remain intact.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Because we take the time to understand our clients, we are pleased to tailor our billing arrangements to suit their unique circumstances. We have the flexibility to offer alternative billing arrangements, hourly arrangements, and to take cases involving substantial damages on a contingency fee basis.

With You Every Step

Whether you require pre-emptive legal advice, a tough dealmaker, a skilled negotiator, a seasoned problem-solver, or a tenacious trial lawyer, the Executive Employment attorneys at Steve Harvey Law are ready to immediately tackle your complex legal issues with extraordinary skill, integrity, attention to detail, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

Let us help you protect your life’s work, impeccable career, valued assets, and good name, while providing a path forward for new opportunities, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Representative Engagements

  • Obtained preliminary injunctive relief in federal court in New Mexico in an action against a former sales representative of a medical device manufacturer who violated a non-compete agreement.
  • Obtained a preliminary injunction in state court in Pennsylvania against former executives of a health care company for violating the terms of their non-solicitation and non-competition agreements.
  • Obtained a preliminary injunctive on behalf of an industrial manufacturer in a breach of non-compete action in federal court in Philadelphia against a senior vice president who defected to a competitor.
  • Defended a real estate company charged in state court in Pennsylvania with tortious interference with non-compete clauses in contracts of real estate agents.
  • Prosecuted and defended numerous employees and employers in state and federal court regarding allegations of noncompete violations, trade secrets misappropriation, and related claims.
  • Counseled numerous clients, both employers and employees, seeking advice on enforcing and defending claims based on non-compete contracts, trade secrets, and other such commercial dispute issues.
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