Consumer Rights

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Consumer Rights

Many people don’t understand that they possess rights not only as citizens, but also as consumers. Too often we face unfair and discriminatory practices at the hands of the unscrupulous or misguided, and as a result face serious economic harm, including: mortgage foreclosure, harassing phone calls, damage to credit, unfairly high interest rates, identity theft, repossession of cars and personal property, and crushing debt.

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They will analyze your case, explain your rights, and be your advocate. Here are some of the consumer issues you may face and a brief explanation of your rights:

Mortgage Foreclosure: The lender is obligated to consider loss mitigation options such as a loan modification, repayment plan, or forbearance agreement. In addition, you have the right to make the sure the lender is the lawful owner of your loan.

Debt Collection: Consumers should be aware of the statute of limitations for bringing an action to recover a debt. It can vary by state. A legal action cannot be initiated after the limitations period has expired. That defense must be asserted in an answer to the legal action. Failing to respond can result in an enforceable judgment being taken against you. Regardless, consumers can negotiate payment plans with the credit card company, consider bankruptcy, or settle the debt entirely. A debt collector or creditor can still attempt to collect a debt outside of court beyond the statute of limitations but there are regulations in place such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Pennsylvania’s Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act. Creditors cannot threaten to sue outside of the statute of limitations or report false information on a credit report. In addition, a consumer is entitled to and should request the creditor prove they own the debt and verify the amount allegedly owed.

Credit Reports: The Fair Credit Reporting Act helps ensure and enforce accuracy on credit reports. Reporting false information to credit bureaus is illegal and consumers have a right to bring a lawsuit and have the information corrected. Additionally, if you have been the victim of identity theft, you have the right to review and challenge incorrect information on your credit report.

Student Loan: Consumers are now dealing with crushing amounts of student loan debt. You have the right confirm that the entity collecting the debt actually owns the loan (similar to mortgage) and if you have fallen behind, you may be eligible for repayment plans. Additionally, if your school has now closed there are certain loan types that can be canceled.

Automobile Fraud: The sale and financing of automobiles is governed in Pennsylvania by the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act. Failure to adhere to the terms of the Act can result in legal action being taken against the dealer. Consumers should also be aware of spot delivery scams. You enter into a binding contract for the sale of a vehicle, are assured financing is complete or nearly complete, possibly even make a down payment, leave with the vehicle, but are told at a later date that the deal fell through and you must return the car or agree to a higher interest rate. This is an illegal practice.

The lawyers of Steve Harvey Law represent consumers in a wide range of matters, including mortgage foreclosure, credit card debt, student loans, identity theft, automobile finance, credit reporting, debt collection, and class actions.

We have a great depth of experience in consumer legal matters. Our founder Steve Harvey has more than 25 years of legal experience, including matters involving banks, credit card companies, arbitration clauses, credit reporting, identity theft, debt collection, automobile finance, and class actions.

Steve is joined by Rachel Gallegos, who serves as the firm’s lead consumer advocate. She has dedicated her legal career to working to help homeowners stay in their homes. Prior to joining Steve Harvey Law LLC, Rachel managed the day-to-day activities of the Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program for the City of Philadelphia for seven years.

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