• Complex Litigation

“Complex litigation can change lives, businesses,
and the world.”


In sophisticated legal practice today, cases turn not only on knowledge of the law and mastery of the courtroom, but also on questions of science, technology, societal trends, and expectations. The outcome in such cases — whether by jury verdict, judicial ruling, or settlement — may have lasting impact on people, organizations, and society as whole.

At Steve Harvey Law, our attorneys have the experience, skill, and knowledge to succeed in complex litigation. We bring it to bear on a diverse range of subjects, including not just business disputes, such as breach of contract, fraud, and trade secrets, but also:

        • intellectual property disputes
        • claims against lawyers, accountants, and actuaries
        • science- and technology-based cases
        • environmental litigation
        • federal and state government litigation
        • civil and human rights cases

Our founder, Steve Harvey, is a former U.S. government trial lawyer and large law firm partner with nearly three decades of experience litigating a vast array of complex cases. His mission is to seek justice for clients by providing high-quality legal services, with the cost-effectiveness and personalized attention of a litigation boutique.

Steve’s experience litigating complex matters dates to the 1990s when he worked as a trial attorney for the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, handling the most important civil litigation matters for the federal government. Steve represented the Executive Office of the President, the Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services, the FBI, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, among other federal agencies. Frequently, he litigated injunctions, constitutional issues, and the meaning of federal statutes. That experience has served as a foundation for many of the firm’s noteworthy trial and appellate matters.

Steve first litigated complex scientific issues at the DOJ. He represented the U.S. Department of Agriculture in litigation challenging the government’s effort to regulate salmonella in the egg industry. He also represented the Executive Office of the President in litigation involving the White House email system resulting from the Iran Contra affair. When Steve entered private practice in Philadelphia in 1995, he began representing Fortune 100 companies in cutting-edge scientific issues, including cases involving Prozac, the crashworthiness of Volkswagen automobiles, and the safety and effectiveness of the influenza virus vaccine.

Steve’s work litigating important scientific issues became the focus of national attention in 2005 when he served as co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, which was the first federal court case to test a school district’s policy that required the teaching of intelligent design. After a 40-day trial, federal judge John E. Jones III agreed with the plaintiffs’ legal team that intelligent design is a religious idea that should not be presented in public school science class as an alternative to the scientific theory of evolution. The case received extensive media coverage and became the subject of several books as well as a NOVA special.

Steve’s work made national news again in 2013, when he served as lead counsel for Sarah Murnaghan and Javier Acosta, children who needed new sets of lungs immediately to live. Steve successfully sued the federal government in a race-the-clock battle to get the children on the adult donor list, where their likelihood of getting a lung donation was significantly greater compared with the pediatric list. Steve’s work led to both children getting new sets of lungs, and they both lived. His work generated considerable attention in the media and the medical literature and ultimately led to permanent changes in organ transplant policy for pediatric patients.

Each Spring semester, Steve teaches a law school class at Villanova University School of Law titled “Law, Science, and Advocacy” that draws on his experience litigating complex scientific, technical, and social issues. He continues to take on such matters, including most recently litigation against PECO Energy Company involving the right of customers to choose not to be exposed to electromagnetic energy from PECO smart meters. He also takes on complex environmental matters, including recent cases involving groundwater contamination caused by pipeline construction. Steve is also one of the leading lawyers in the country advocating for solutions to climate change.

Steve’s knowledge of complex litigation is informed by his experience as a law clerk to the late Judge Myron H. Bright of the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. His colleagues David Dzara and Bill Liess also clerked for appellate judges. Dave clerked for Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and Bill clerked for Judge Marjorie Rendell of the 3d Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Their combined experience makes the firm extremely well-qualified to recognize, address, and preserve all potential appealable issues and to make compelling arguments before appellate courts.

David Dzara and Bill Liess bring their own extensive backgrounds to the complex litigation practice at Steve Harvey Law. Dave has a background in economics and business, and has extensive experience litigating technical issues, including technology and accounting. Bill works as a pilot for a major airline when not working as a litigator, and he served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and the New Jersey Air National Guard.

Whether your case concerns a groundbreaking scientific issue, a complicated business dispute, or any other complex scientific, technical, or business dispute, the complex litigation attorneys at Steve Harvey Law have the experience and skill to provide the highest level of representation.

We have extensive experience in all facets of complex litigation in venues throughout the United States, including:

  • trials
  • appeals
  • class actions
  • internal investigations
  • e-discovery
  • preliminary and permanent injunctions
  • temporary restraining orders
  • arbitration and mediation

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Because we take the time to understand our clients, we are pleased to tailor our billing arrangements to suit their unique circumstances. We have the flexibility to offer alternative billing arrangements, hourly arrangements, and to take cases involving substantial damages on a contingency fee basis.

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Whether your matter requires creating new precedent, succeeding within existing law, righting an injustice, or dealing with technical subjects and complicated legal authority, the complex litigation attorneys at Steve Harvey Law are ready to represent you with extraordinary skill, integrity, attention to detail, and cost-effectiveness.

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