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New Law Firm Experiences Strong Growth; Doubles Size in Just Three Months

The trial and litigation boutique law firm known as Steve Harvey Law LLC is celebrating its three-month anniversary by announcing the hiring of David V. Dzara as Counsel.  David is a terrific trial lawyer/litigator who formerly worked in the commercial litigation group at Pepper Hamilton.  Please join me in welcoming David to the Steve Harvey […]

More Inspiration from 11-Year-Old Sarah Murnaghan

Former client Sarah Murnaghan continues to inspire not just children and adults fighting disease but anyone facing difficulty. In June 2013, Steve Harvey filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of Sarah asking that she not be discriminated against based on her age in the national system for allocating organs. A federal judge agreed […]

Does Size Matter When Hiring a Law Firm?

Today is the first day of month two of my law firm.  I founded this firm based on the idea that changes in the economy and legal market have opened up room for boutique firms that offer high quality legal services, personalized attention, and flexible financial terms.  Reaction in month one from clients, prospective clients, […]

Inquirer Prints My Letter About Global Warming Concern

It’s no secret that I am concerned about global warming.  Why?  Because of the steady drumbeat of reports from the legitimate scientific community warning that this is a very real and serious danger for us, our children, and future generations.  The scientific community also reminds us that we possess the means to avert or substantially […]

Law360’s Dan Packel Interviews Steve Harvey About Firm Opening

Last week, Dan Packel interviewed me about my new firm. I like the whole article, but I am particularly fond of two parts of it. First, he quotes me as saying “It’s a counterintuitive bet. A lot of people see economic dislocation and unemployed younger lawyers, along with a shrinking legal budget for general counsels. […]

Legal Intelligencer Covers Opening of Steve Harvey Law LLC

Over the years my more noteworthy cases have been the subject of excellent articles written by Gina Pasarella, reporter with The Legal Intelligencer. Today in The Legal Gina reports on the opening of my law firm, Steve Harvey Law LLC. Check it out and tell me what you think. I have also included Gina’s tweet, […]

Litigation Boutique Opens in Philadelphia

Today in Philadelphia veteran lawyer Steve Harvey announced the opening of his law firm, Steve Harvey Law LLC, a litigation and trial boutique specializing in business disputes, banking and financial services, and government claims. “I had many great years as a partner at Pepper Hamilton, but starting my own law practice marks the fulfillment of […]